Jungly is a representation of the spirit of those who reside in the Concrete Jungle. The essence of Jungly is as unique as New York City and each person that inhabits it. Jungly means all things “wild” – embodying the soul of the city that never sleeps. Staying true to the essence of New York, Jungly brings to life flavors from across the globe with an American touch. Based in the heart of Long Island City, a stone’s throw away from Manhattan and Brooklyn, Jungly offers an experience of a lifetime. Jungly promises a great time to its patrons, with live music, craft cocktails, pop ups, events and much more. If you’re hungry, wild, and love New York City, get ready to get Jungly.

It's getting wild in
New York City.

New York City is a global city, home to a variety of different cultures, faces, and flavors. Our love for the Concrete Jungle has been translated into a refuge for the wild ones, through Jungly. We bring the best of the city in one spot. Next time you’re around, take a picture next to the neon Concrete Jungle sign, will ya?

The Jungly Family

Led by gastronomers-in-charge, Rohan Aggarwal and Suraj Patel, the Jungly team brings the best of New York City to your plates. Rohan and Suraj bring their expertise from running Queens Bully, a popular eatery in Forest Hills, Queens, in building Jungly.

Their team brings all things fun to the table (quite literally), with a side of wild. The Jungly family is continuously growing, building relationships with the community, and serving patrons to the best of their abilities. Next time you're around, come say hi! We'd love to know more about you.

Be a part of the Jungly family!